Now solve your Customer Issues together as a teamwork.

Cybexo TMS helps you to work collaboratively to provide quick solutions to your customers in most efficient way.

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Teamwork and efficiency with Cybexo TMS

Cybexo TMS bring customer communications from different channels to one place where all team members can access and communicate with customers. So, stop division of your team to cover multiple channels. Stay on Cybexo TMS, work as a single team, and save your time.

Prioritize Ticketing With Divide and Conquer

Simplified your task by splitting tickets in their respective section so it’s easy for the team members to answer them efficiently. For this, create separate lists of problems individually. Whenever a new ticket generates, assign it to its relevant section.

Solve issues together with linked agents

When a ticket generates multiple issues, an agent can link it to other agent to answer the customer in more informative way. Send consistent replies in more efficient way.

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