Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cybexo TMS?

Cybexo TMS is an online customer support system from Cybexo Inc.It lets you streamline your company's customer support and helps you to efficiently manage your customers as you scale.Cybexo TMS tracks, prioritizes,and follow up on customers requests, at one place.

How do I can create a new account on Cybexo TMS?

You can create account from under, using the 'Sign up' option. TMS will collect your contact information before creating a new Trial Account for you.

How can I create new ticket?

After login to your account you can see a button on the top with name “New”. Click on it and create new ticket.

Can I download my agents’ or customers’ record in my system?

Yes you can. It’s very easy to download any record from Cybexo TMS to your system. With one click on download button you can download data in excel sheet form.

How to add new agents?

Its simple and user friendly process. Use this guide tool to add new agent:
• Login from merchant side.
• Go to your left side navigation bar > Agents List.
• Select agents list option. On the top of this page, click “New” button.

Can I change my ticket’s priority or status?

Follow the steps in following guidelines:
• Login your account.
• Go to navigation bar > tickets list.
• You will find priority and status columns there.